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As Karney Fire grows, more people evacuated - KTVB

by Natalie Podgorski

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Posted on September 18, 2012 at 10:46 PM

Updated yesterday at 10:46 PM

BOISE COUNTY -- More homeowners were told it was time to pack up and leave Tuesday as the Karney fire moved closer to their doorsteps.

Evacuations took place in Wilderness Ranch and along Robie Creek Road. In all, 80 homes were put under evacuation notice.

Nathaniel Bartholomew was arrested for starting the Karney Fire. He is a volunteer firefighter with the Clear Creek Fire Department. 

The Boise County Sheriff's Office says Bartholomew used pine cones and grass to set the fire in an area near his home off of Robie Creek Road. Chief Deputy Dale Rogers says the 18-year-old did it to get attention from his father who is also a firefighter.

Bartholomew was out fighting the Karney Fire when he was arrested. He has confessed to starting the Karney Fire but the Boise County Sheriff's Office wonders if he may be responsible for other fires that started this summer.

"There are other fires that we've been investigating in Clear Creek and along (HWY) 21 and we want to know what those ties are especially if they are similar in nature," said Rogers.

Rogers says one of the fires they are seeing if Bartholomew is linked to is the Avelene Fire started near Grimes Creek back in July.

Homeowners who have been evacuated because of the Karney Fire are very upset with Bartholomew.

"The hardship that he is putting everybody through and the danger that he is putting firefighters in just so he could I don't know have his jollies, it is sad," said Bob Ashey a homeowner who lives in Wilderness Ranch. 

Ashey was asked to leave his home late this afternoon. "We decided it is time to grab the dogs and all the pictures and go."

"It is the only time we've really packed up in the 22 years that we've been here," said John Fiedler who lives in Wilderness Ranch. "It is just hard, I know it is only things but it is still very hard."

Dave Olson with the Boise National Forest says firefighters will work through the night trying to keep homes near the fire safe.

As of 8:45 p.m. Tuesday night, the Karney Fire was estimated to be 302 acres. Over 130 firefighters are working on the fire. An Incident Management Team will arrive in Boise County tomorrow to prepare to take command of the fire.  

The Boise County Board of Commissioners signed a declaration of disaster emergency Tuesday in response to the fire. This allows the county to apply for state and federal financial assistance to help fight the fire.
An evacuation shelter has been opened by The American Red Cross at Idaho City High School.


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